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Monday, June 05, 2006

Wiggle, Push, BOOM!

Sixty five million years, give or take a few months here or there and that's about how long the human race has been killing one another. We're freakin' talented in that regard, of all the advancements, of all the technology, of all the beautiful (and not so beautiful) works of art we have created, the only one that we have perfected is the ways and means we can kill each other.

Think I'm kidding? Try this experiment. Just for a moment, wiggle your pointer finger. Damn easy eh? Now push a button. Even easier. That's the difference between pulling a trigger and setting bombs in motion.

Even scarier is the fact when you consider all of the time we've been on earth it used to be far more complicated than that. During the American Civil War, soldiers had to carry around not just one, but a handful of muskets. Why? Because it'd take a long time to load one. Now, I'm not sure of the exact specifications or precise steps of musket loading, but I do know how to load an M-16 which can kill faster and more people in a lot less time if you know how to aim the thing. Which, really, isn't that hard to do once you know how...breathe, relax, aim & squeeze...or as the US Army says "BRAS."

Makes it appear that the M-16 is idiot proof. Not so, anyone who has ever put in a firing pin backwards can attest to that. But pushing a button? That's easier (as we've already established), and considering our world's leaders are either A) Not much smarter than us (afterall, they're still human born with the same propensity to idiocy and temper as we are). or B)Way dumber (I mean really, in the US they're brought in pretty much by popular vote {don't tell me about electoral college, it's still a bunch of "folks like us"} and the masses, as already established, are a bunch of pitchfork-wielding maniacs).

Either way we're screwed if someone in charge gets an itchy finger.

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