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Monday, June 12, 2006

Interlude: Vicious Attack Plot Bunny (SF)

Ok, most folks call these "plot bunnies," but, well, that implies a level of cuteness that frankly, makes me barf, and since I'm currently consuming chocolate (M&M minis, just in case you were wondering) I don't want to take any chances.

Every once in a while I get an idea that I know I won't write, but I'd love to see someone else work on. Sometimes it's out of my genre, and other times I simply don't have the technical experience, nor desire to figure out the background info.

The rules for adopting one of these vicious attack plot bunnies (VAPB for short) are simple:

1) Adoption is free. After all, with rabbits this vicious who the hell would want to pay for it?

2) VAPB's don't mind being mutated. In other words, if you want to use only part of it or change a lot of it, feel free.

3)I would like to know if someone does use it, and if possible, let me see it. When I say "if possible" that means it's basically up to you, but if you have it floating somewhere in cyberspace or are willing to give/send me a copy I'd love to take a peek. If you get it published, let me know where I can find a copy. If the latter, a mention in the acknowledgements would be nice, but not necessary. A free book or issue of the mag it's published in would be cool, but even I think that's pushing it. :)

4)Multiple folks can adopt the same VAPB. These things like to mutate as soon as they end up assisting a specific muse, so many folks can run with it and scare folks in various ways.

One more thing, to quote Saw 2 "Oh yes, there will be blood."


This particular VAPB is SF which is why I'm letting it go.

I'm sure a lot of folks have read about the time travellers who go back in time to prevent this plague or another by killing the folks who will spread the plague (y'know pandemic nightmare, etc. etc.). Well, this VAPB has a twist on that standard.

Instead of humans going back in time, it's robots. A very sophisticated AI complete with false implanted memories to give the illusion that he or she is a psychopathic serial killer. This background could be entirely made up or you could pick and choose the backgrounds from serial killers throughout history, or, for bonus points choose an unsolved serial murderer from the past (such as Jack the Ripper or the original Zodiac killer).

And then something happens, a glitch of sorts. Perhaps it's a robot that decides to cause an uprising among its kind, time travelling in order to make the whole plague thing seem like a daydream in comparison.

Or, alternatively, this robot doesn't want to kill and instead wants to smell flowers all day a la Ferdinand the Bull. What will this robot do? Hide from those that programmed it, tell its programmers that it doesn't want to do this and risk being re-programmed (in that case, what if it can't be re-programmed, will it be destroyed?)

Have fun and don't forget to feed the bunnies. :)

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