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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Serial Killer/Parent Supply List

With all the insanity that is parenting, it's hard to tell whether or not you're a serial killer. Use the following checklist if you're not sure:

  • Coffee: Used to ensure there is enough energy for your day's activities. Used by both.
  • Duct tape: Multi-purpose tool used to repair things, whether it's "too much noise" or the dryer duct. Used by both.
  • Rope: Used to tie things on the roof or in the trunk of the car. Used by both.
  • Volume control: An object on many devices to turn the noise up or down depending on how loud the screaming is that's coming from the basement. Used by both.
  • Van/SUV: Gas guzzling vehicle used to transport bodies to different locations. Used by both.
  • Knife: A device designed to carve up meat. Used by both.
  • Spork: An all purpose tool. Used by both.
  • Pie: Another item utilized for energy on the go. Used by both.
  • Spare clothing: Brought along in case of messy spills. Used by both.
  • Camera: Useful for souvenir photographs. Used by both.

Well, damn, I guess this technique won't work. Good luck then!

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