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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rethinking Enviromentalism

Today's blog has to do with Gaia (Earth) as living organism. Nothing new there, just weird if you really think about it (Eeeeewwww...I'm stepping on an eyeball!) My point however has to do with the recycling movement, what if Gaia WANTS the leftover soda cans or, even as George Carlin postulated, she wants to be Earth plus styrofoam.

I mean, it's not like She's exactly the tiniest thing around. Heck, among planets, largesse is admired. Think about the awe that young children have for the gaseous planets, especially Jupiter. And if Gaia is like the rest of us, she wants to fit in. Not only that, she wants to be considered beautiful, and in her life, big is beautiful.

So, go ahead and toss away your McD's leftovers on those gorgeous mounds of garbage. Forget about recycling, feeding the Earth and Her desires is really what it's all about.

What? It makes a lot more sense than folks starving themselves in the name of beauty.

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