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Friday, June 13, 2008

Even More Random Thoughts

  • You don't have to be that fast. You just have to be faster than the other person.
  • Ever notice that people in zombie flicks never wrinkle their nose at what must be a horrid odor?
  • I have a cousin of mine who likes to do the goth-vamp thing. Her wish is that someday she'll become a vampire. When a vampire turns you, in some circles it's called "the kiss." So, if my cousin got turned and then she turned me, would we then be kissing cousins?
  • How much blood would a bloodchuck bleed?
  • Possible starting line: "You know you're not going to shoot me."
  • Possible starting line #2: "Well that hurt. Maybe I shouldn't do that again. I think I will anyway."
  • Possible starting line #3: "I shoulda listened to my Mama, she done told me dat the zombies were comin' and now I done broke my chainsaw."

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