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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun with Chainsaws

Sorry to get your hopes up, but this has nothing to do with mass slaughter with my second all time favorite weapon (the first being the spork). No, it has more to do with porn. Huh? Yeah, weird, porn and chainsaws really don't go together, but insert the word "chainsaw" into any porn title, and let's just say...the movie just got a lot more interesting. Some examples:

  • Debbie's Chainsaw Does Dallas: Woops, there goes Texas (well, outside of that certain "massacre" that we know and love).
  • Slutty Chainsaw Hitchhikers: Oh dear, now it's no longer safe to pick up passengers.
  • Tits and Chainsaws Ahoy!: Ok, that's just weird.
  • Naught Chainsaw Wielding Chainsaw Girls: Well, that's it for higher education.
  • Private Reserve Chainsaws: Hmmm...sounds like my ideal back 40.
  • Strap-On Action Chainsaws: Didn't Ash already do that in the Evil Dead series?
  • Chainsaw Gang Bangers: Yep...I done did it. Scared the crap outta myself. I do that sometimes.

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