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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life is...Good

Rather odd for me to be admitting this, but yeah, life is sweet at this particular point in time.

  1. Bruce Campbell is the official spokesperson for Old Spice, ergo, I now have a reason to watch commercials. Huh? You haven't seen it yet? Just go to You Tube and you can take a look as to why he's still Groovy (bonus: the chainsaw shows up in front of the fireplace).
  2. It's official, Bruce Campbell will be in Spiderman 3, his official capacity (or so I've read some net rumors) is that it has something to do with Mysterio (the supervillain with a jar on his head) in a manner that "you're not used to seeing Mysterio" whatever that means. I'm guessing it has to do with "sans jar" or some such.
  3. I just saw Hannibal Rising and so what if it didn't follow the book and so what if the book was way better and so what if this kid is a poor substitute for Anthony Hopkins (in all fairness to the actor anyone would have difficulty following in the esteemed footsteps of Sir Hopkins. This guy (sorry I can't remember/too lazy to look up his name right now) did as good as could be expected though) and so on and so forth. Who the hell really cares about all that when the combination of what should get the award for "Most creative use for mayonnaisse" is combined with the ultra-ultimate-best face munch ever on the big screen? Overall, I may not label this the "best" of the series (that honor goes to "Red Dragon" IMO), but it's one hell of a way to say goodbye. B+

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