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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sporks vs. Straws

Taco Bell, as of this writing, has little sayings on their "hot" sauces (aka ketchup for for their imitation Mexican food). These sayings are few, but what really irks me is that they have these two quotes backwards: "I collect straws" and "At night, the sporks scare me." AHEM! What kind of freakish norm thing is that from one of the last legitimate sources of sporks?

Straws are scary, what with their assisted ability to suck liquid out of any damn thing (case in point, McDonald's and Sonic straws are really scary, because of that shake sucking ability which is major distortion time).

Sporks, on the other hand are versatile weap...I mean...utensils that only have a bad rap because of the flimsy ones that were once used (and may still be) for school cafeteria lunches. Don't blame the messenger people! It's not like it's the spork's fault that the only thing that was worse than the way the food looked was the way it tasted.

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